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Management team

René A.D. van der Borch tot Verwolde
Managing Director

René has been working in the insurance and risk consultancy industry for almost 25 years and started Profin Financiële en Assurantieadviseurs bv in 1986. As a visionary René has been involved in the renewable energy sector since 1989 when he started Profin Sustainable Energy Solutions bv, better known as Profin Green.

Over the years Profin Green has been the insurance broker for several owners and manufacturers of windturbines. So René has gained extensive knowledge of the risks involved in the construction and exploitation of both onshore and offshore wind farms.

René has a broad political network and has contacts with several influantial persons with the Dutch government. He also has contacts on board level with several insurance companies.

T +31 (0) 33 247 50 45
M +31 (0) 62 762 39 38

Hans Kursten


Technical & Project Advisor

Hans Kursten is an experienced manager and team player in the world of energy. Bringing people in motion, forging strategic alliances and realize investments is his strength. With an open approach, perseverant and focusing on concrete results.

A "tour guide" who helps organizations to reach their goal in close co-operation with the environment.
Renewable energy is his passion.

Hans Kursten was born in 1957 in the Netherlands and graduated in 1984 at the Eindhoven University of Technology as a Master in Mechanical Engineering. Starting as a project engineer and project manager, he has been responsible for the realization of a number of Wind Energy projects. Over the last 30 years he held various management positions in the (renewable) energy sector.

Since 2001, over a period of 12 years, he has actively contributed in building up Eneco as the leading sustainable energy in the Netherlands. In his role as Head of the Renewables department he has been responsible since 2001 for the construction of solar and wind energy portfolio of Eneco. In 2013 Hans joined p2projectmanagement as procesmanager.

In 2015 he joined Profin.

T +31 (0) 33 247 50 45
M +31 (0) 65 135 53 94

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